Proud Chicana

Handmade jewelry, shirts, stickers, keychains and many more items that celebrate nuestra cultura Chicana, empowers women and first gen students, and brings awareness of social issues and mental health.

Please help me save money for grad school by supporting my small business! It means a lot! Thank you!🙏🏽

A portion of every sale goes to Al Otro Lado (@alotrolado_org) to support those who have been affected by the cruel immigration laws.

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How did I come up with the idea of starting a small business?

When I was about 4 years old, my mom used to make bracelets for her friends as a gift. I come from a low income family, so she couldn’t buy expensive gifts, and instead she did these bracelets for them.

I used to see her doing them, and I wanted to make them too. I used to sit next to her until she taught me how to do them.

My mom also makes clothes, and at that time, she used to do yard sales, and for the little girls’ outfits, I used to do a bracelet so that my mom could hang it with the outfit and sell it. At the end, she would give me a dollar for each bracelet or outfit sold.

I used to say I was going to be a “pulserera” when I grew up😂

Later, I also used to make some for my friends. When we moved to Mexico, I kept doing them and selling them at home, until I started middle school. I started selling them there, and it was fun.

Since I returned to the U.S., I had been wanting to start a jewelry business, but I did not know how to. It was until May 2021 that I finally did with the purpose of continuing with my hobby and saving money for grad school.